Discrimination Complaints

The Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Access Office is authorized to investigate allegations of employment discrimination against the County of Orange.

Who May File

County employees or applicants for County employment who believe they have been adversely affected by illegal discrimination.

Basis For Filing a Complaint

Alleged illegal discrimination based on Race or Color, National Origin, Ancestry, Religion, Age, Sex, Physical or Mental Disability, Medical Condition, or Marital Status.

Issues Involved

May include:

  • Application for employment or promotion.
  • Any term or condition of employment.

How / When to File

There are several complaint procedures depending upon the issues; all of which require specific time limits for filing. Examples: Selection Appeals Procedure, Grievance Procedure, etc.
To be advised of the appropriate procedure for filing your complaint within the time limits, contact the EEO Access Office immediately following the incident or occurrence of alleged discrimination.

The EEO Access Office Function

The EEO Access Office serves as a neutral third party in seeking the facts and attempting to determine whether or not illegal discrimination did take place. Consequently, the EEO Access Office does not function as the advocate of the complainant nor of the County department involved. The EEO Access Office will evaluate the information gathered within the investigation. If the complaint is substantiated, the EEO Access Office will make recommendations to the Department Head to alleviate the situation and to eliminate the practices which caused the problem.

Point to Remember

There are employment practices which may be unfair but are not illegal. Unless you have some information to support your belief that you have been discriminated against in connection with one of the above-listed illegal bases, the EEO Access Office may not be able to accept, nor to substantiate your complaint.

However, you are welcome to discuss your complaint with a representative of the EEO Access Office, in order to examine its merits. Your confidentiality will be protected to the extent possible.

Notice of Rights

Even though the County has established procedures for resolving complaints alleging discrimination, applicants or employees have the right to go directly to the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH), or the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

County of Orange
Equal Employment Opportunity Access Office
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