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Volunteer Opportunity

Make the Future a Better Place for a Child or Teen...

Orangewood Children's HomeIf you ever wanted to help a child or teen but didn’t know how, why not take this opportunity to become an Orangewood Children and Family Center volunteer.

Orangewood Children and Family Center (OCFC) is a temporary shelter for children and teens (newborns through 17 years of age). Volunteers decide which age group best complements their interests and talents. OCFC is located at 401 The City Drive South, Orange, CA 92868.

As an OCFC volunteer, you will help to individualize the services provided by our professional staff. In addition, your involvement will enrich our programs as we tap into your skills and talents.

Orangewood Children's HomeOCFC volunteers provide that individual attention that all children need. A five-year-old child needs a caring adult to play with her, read a story and admire her smile. An elementary-school-age child needs someone to help with homework assignments and projects. An awkward 12-year-old needs a special person to listen to him and compliment his budding social skills. Even a teenager, who may feel that she knows it all and needs no one, can gain from the personal connection with a caring volunteer.

Volunteers 18 years of age or older can:

  • Interact with children or teens in individual and group activities
  • Assist teachers in a classroom setting
  • Interact with children or teens in the residential cottages
  • Engage the children or teens in recreational and craft activities
  • Assist teens participating in Independent Living programs

Orangewood Children's Home

Additional information can be accessed at the following links:

OCFC Community Brochure

OCFC Wish List

For more information about attending the OCFC volunteer orientation, please contact:

M. Elena Valle, M.S.
Administrative Manager I
Orangewood Children and Family Center
401 The City Drive, South, Orange, CA 92868
T: 714-935-6011