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Managers’ Performance Management Program

Performance management is a process to set expectations and align performance with critical business objectives. It is also a vehicle to provide feedback, recognition, and coaching throughout the year, to best support employees’ development and to ensure their work best contributes to our mission. When we engage in meaningful performance management, everyone benefits – the County, managers, employees, and our citizens. The performance process takes in Eureka, our integrated talent management system. You will receive an automated email when your performance tasks are assigned. The information on this site provides the necessary information to engage with the performance management process and tools to support you in this process.

The Performance Management process for Managers now takes place in Eureka. Navigate here. (if that link doesn't work, first log into Eureka, then click here


Training and Resources

Training and resources for reviewers, managers, and employees are available in Eureka. Search 'performance' from Learner Home to access all resources, or start with one of our curated playlists with popular content. 

Playlist: OPC Performance Process

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Playlist: PIP Process

Playlist: 3 Skills to be an Effective Leader in Performance Management