Wellness Coaching

The comprehensive health and wellness of County employees is important to the County, and for employees who want to maintain or improve their physical, emotional, or financial health there are many benefits and opportunities beyond health care coverage. The following benefits are available to all County employees, regardless of your health plan enrollment. Whatever your goals, coaching can help guide you to take strategic steps to reach them.

One on One Wellness Coaching
Employee Wellness coaching is provided by personal wellness coach Holly Lattimer. The Wellness coach can help you with individual coaching and/or assist you in finding the many other County resources available through your health plans or other programs such as EAP and Empower Retirement to find what you need to help you reach your goals. Personal wellness coaching has been proven to be a significant tool to improving health and quality of life. You can meet with Holly in person, talk on the phone or connect online.  During sessions you can explore the factors that influence your health and receive feedback, alternative strategies, and tips for making better choices. For one-on-one sessions with Wellness Coach Holly Lattimer call 949-445-9215 or email holly.lattimer@cigna.com.

The Employee Wellness Office is located at County Administration South, 601 N. Ross St, Employee Wellness Center. Meeting with the Wellness Coach qualifies as permissible use of annual leave or sick leave subject to your supervisor's approval.  

Telephonic Health Coaching
The telephonic coaching program consists of calls with a coach on a routine basis. These calls provide a sense of accountability to the participant that they are able to use to help motivate them. The coaches on these calls establish S.M.A.R.T goals and help to drive the user to their goal, whether that is to quit smoking, lose weight, lower their blood pressure, or worry a little less about stress.  Health Coaching comes in a variety of topics including: Back Care; Blood Pressure; Cholesterol; Nutrition; Physical Activity; Stress Management; Tobacco Cessation; Weight Management. To sign up, call the StayWell HelpLine at 1-800-492-9812.

Coach Chat
Working with a Certified StayWell health coach can have you feeling your best at work and home. Your coach can help you modify your meal plan, get better sleep, manage stress, improve mental health, set new well-being goals and more. Talk with your coach about where you are now and what you want to achieve. Watch your new healthy behavior become a habit over time. Whether you want to connect day or night, via messaging you have convenient, direct access to an expert. You can send a quick message or set up a video call for a virtual coach visit. Just visit ochsstaywell.com or open the My StayWell app and click on the "Coach" icon on your dashboard. You can even choose the best coach for you!

Additional health coaching options are available for County of Orange participants:


  • Blue Shield: blueshieldca.com/wellness
  • Kaiser: 866-862-4295
  • Cigna: 800-244-6224 or visit myCigna.com